7 Tips for Relocating Your Home Office

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, 3.9 million U.S. employees work from home at least half of the time. This means that Americans who are in the enviable position of working from home find that they are able to move from their physical location any time they desire. What this also means is that many workers today have home offices that must be moved when they decide to relocate as well. Since this process can be tricky, we offer the following suggestions on how to prepare your home office and its contents for the big move.

  • Notify your customers in advance: Let your customers know that you will be away from your office for the duration of your move.
  • Develop a master plan: Make a strategic plan before you relocate your office. Decide what will be moved, what will be destroyed and where your home office will be located in your new home. Keep a checklist and refer to it during the entire moving process in order to remain organized.
  • Begin packing early: In the weeks leading up to your move out date, begin packing all the important files that will be involved in your relocation. Also, take this time to shred sensitive documents and to file away loose papers.
  • De-clutter: You will want to throw away unneeded items in order to streamline your move and to make room at your new location.
  • Make backups: Back vital computer files to an external hard drive or to a cloud based storage service. Anything could happen while you are transitioning to your new home. Plan for the unexpected and you will gain greater peace of mind on moving day.
  • Design your new home office: Carefully lay out where your office will be in your new home. Be sure that you carefully take measurements so that you will have enough space. Also, decide in advance where all your furniture will go.
  • Know where you will get office supplies: Before you reach your new destination you will want to know where the local office supply store is located. Be sure to check your supplies before you leave and be prepared to restock if necessary.home office

In short, taking the right steps when moving your home office can mean that you are ready and set to go when you reach your new destination. On the other hand, failing to plan in advance can lower your productivity. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles has experience moving all kinds of busy professionals including those who work from home. Add our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company to your master plan and you will be able to safely and efficiently move your home office.