Summer Moving Tips and Strategies

The most popular time to move by far is the summer. In fact, some studies have shown that as much 90% of people who move do so during this time of year. Why? The reasons are obvious. First, many people desire to take advantage of the warmer temperatures that come with the season. Secondly, many people move during because they wish to take advantage of their vacation time to do so. But there are also challenges to moving during the summer especially when warm, pleasant weather becomes hot and sticky. But fear not—here are a few moving tips that will help you stay cool and composed while moving during the summer season:
Stay hydrated: This one almost goes without say but we will say it anyway. Moving into a new apartment or house takes a great deal of time and effort. Dehydration can quickly set in while you are preoccupied with doing all the tasks associated with a move. Therefore, you should strive to stay hydrated by taking frequent water breaks.
Dress appropriately: Wear light, loose fitting clothing during the summer heat as dark and heavy clothing can cause to perspire excessively. Also, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen in order to protect your skin from sunburn.
Check the forecast: Protect yourself from the intense summer heat and strong direct sunshine by checking the weather in the days prior to your move. Heat can damage you and your property and make for an overall miserable moving experience.
Pick the right time of day: Generally the weather is coolest during the early morning and late afternoon. Try to choose these times to do the bulk of your moving.summer
Crank up the AC: Turn up the air-conditioning in your old place before you move out. This will make it easier for everyone involved in your move. Also, be sure to turn on the AC in your new place in order to make the unpacking process more comfortable. (Be sure that you call the electric company to guarantee that you will have power in your new place prior to moving in.)

One final tip — be sure to hire a reputable moving company for your big day. A reliable moving company can save you time, effort and money and can make the relocation process more comfortable in general. For full service moving in Los Angeles our designers delivery service in Los Angeles can be ready to move when you are ready. Our movers are fast friendly, and courteous.