Tips for Getting Your Friends to Help You Move

Few people think of moving as one of life’s most fun activities. In fact, many people dread the drudgery that it often involves. For this reason, friends can sometimes make themselves rather scarce when moving day finally arrives. Never fear. There are several things you can do to enlist the help of friends and in the process make your move quicker and more cost-effective. Here are a few tips for how to ask someone to help you move.

  • Use good old fashioned bribery: This doesn’t necessarily have to involve money. You can try incentives such as dinner, brunch, drinks, coffee, etc., to convince friends to help you move. In addition to these being excellent ways to show your appreciation, these kinds of rewards can often strengthen friendships.
  • Give them an I.O.U. Promise your friends that at some point in the future you will return the kindness by doing them a favor, running an errand for them, etc. Put the promise in writing and be sure to follow up when they need your help.
  • Throw them a party: After you have settled in, send invitations to your friends asking them to attend your party and view your new home. House-warming parties present the perfect opportunity to not only meet new neighbors, but to also thank old friends for helping with the process.

·         Ask far in advance: Since some of your friends may be busy on the day you choose to move, ask for their help well in advance. This shows that you value their time and gives them time to lock your move into their calendar.

·         Feed your moving crew: Provide water bottles, energy drinks and light snacks for your helpers. This will help energize your friends and gives you the opportunity to make the whole task of moving more enjoyable.friends helping to move

  • Call in a favor: If you’ve helped your friends out in the past it may be time to call in that favor by asking them to help you now. Just be sure to be tactful when reminding them of how you helped them.

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