5 Ways to Keep Animals Away From Your House, Trash and Garden

Whether it is squirrels digging holes in your lawn, deer gobbling shrubs, raccoons making a winter vacation lodge out of your attic or rabbits nibbling vegetables, wildlife can quickly devalue your home. They can gnaw through wiring, destroy insulation and even threaten family pets. Below are 5 tips and tricks to keep your new home and garden critter-free.

  • Use Repellants: One of the easiest ways to ward off animals is to use some form of repellant. This can come in the form of scent repellants, which mimic the smell of predators, or motion detecting devices that activate lights and/or sound. Liquid and granules repellants can also be spread along the perimeter of your home and near your garage where animals like to forage.garden
  • Clean the exterior clean: Marauding animals often prefer to set up shop where they have some protection from predators such as wood piles, brush and overgrown shrubbery. Therefore, try to keep the area around your home neatly trimmed and free of such items.
  • Scare them: Many wild creatures are deterred immediately by dogs that have free run of the yard. Dogs will instantly let prey animals know that they are in danger around your home and these uninvited guests will usually exclude it from their list of places to visit.
  • Secure your trash: Keep squirrels, raccoons, etc., from your garbage by (a) strapping a bungee cord around the lid, (b) keeping it indoors until the trash truck arrives, (c) keeping the area around it free from spill over.
  • Erect a barrier to protect your yard: A fence, if it is high enough and deeply posted in the ground, can keep many kinds of animals from picking your yard as a local hangout. Just be sure to check with your local area to see what kinds of fences are allowed.

Wildlife is best when it is outside where it should be. Your home should never be thought of as a safe haven for destructive creatures that can cost you a fortune in repairs and cleanup and even threaten the safety of your family. As you are about to move consider this and consider using our Westlake Village storage company to help you with the process. We are one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles with a proven track record of fast, courteous and efficient service.