5 Things You Can Leave Behind the Next Time You Move

If you’ve lived in your home for some time and are about to move it is easy to be startled by how many things you’ve actually accumulated over time. Moreover, many people who are about to move find that not all of the things they’ve accumulated are worth keeping. Thus, moving is a great time to de-clutter and to decrease the number of items you will have to transport to your new digs. So, while you’re packing for your move, here are some things you’ll want to leave behind.

  • Clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more: Before you move, take some time to go over your closet and make an honest assessment of your wardrobe. Like most of us, you probably have many items that have not been worn in a year or more. Consider either donating these items to charity or selling them.
  • Expired bathroom items: Medications and beauty products do tend to accumulate in most of our bathrooms. Check the expiration dates of old medicines, vitamins and beauty products before you move. Chances are you will find some items that are far past their prime and that not only can but should be thrown out for safety’s sake.
  • Broken or damaged items: Moving is not only a chance to get rid of old items, it is also a chance to upgrade to newer items and to replace broken things that are simply not worth repairing. Therefore, you should consider getting rid of junk that needs to be fixed or has missing pieces. Besides, you may need to buy new things to replace the old in order to match the decor of your new home.
  • Large, outdated electronics: Technology changes fast as everyone knows. Chances are that you have an old computer, DVD player, stereo, etc. that can be replaced by newer items. Consider donating these older items to a charity, selling them or giving them to friends before you move.
  • Keys: Gather together all the keys you use around the house such as your room keys, back gate keys, your garage door keys and of course your front door key and leave them in a place where the next occupant can easily find them or hand them over in person. If you do leave them behind for the new homeowners, be sure to label each key separately. keys

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