7 Things that Make a Greet Neighborhood

In your search for a perfect new home, don’t forget about what surrounds it – your new neighborhood. And while no neighborhood is perfect, there are some neighborhoods that are far friendlier, safer and more livable than others. Naturally, these are the kinds of places you will want to move your family into. With that said, here are 7 things that define any great neighborhood.

  • Low noise: It is very easy to overlook this factor when buying a home. After all, many people view new homes during relatively quiet times of the day. If you truly want to get a good idea of the noise levels of the new neighborhood try visiting it on the weekends and in the evenings as opposed to in the morning and during the afternoon.
  • Good schools: It is relatively easy to research schools online before you move into your new neighborhood. However, if you have school aged children then you may also wish to visit your new school and talk to the staff.
  • You can find essentials nearby: How close are essential services to your new home? Do you have to drive forever to get to the grocery store, pharmacy, post office, etc? However beautiful and serene your new neighborhood may be, you will need to be within a reasonable distance of these essential services.
  • It is safe: Many home buying sites now have crime statistics available for most locations that you can easily access while you are viewing homes.
  • Diversity: Federal law forbids discrimination in housing. However, some neighborhoods still remain relatively homogeneous. If diversity is important to you then you may wish to access the Census data for the location for which you are about to relocate.
  • Good walk-ability: This is especially important if you are moving to a large urban area. The problem with many newly built homes is that they are often built out in the middle of nowhere. houses
  • A comfortable commute: Even though many of us are still sheltering at home, some of us are not. If you are unable to work from home, it is especially important that your commute to work be reasonable.

In short, Americans love the opportunity to start fresh all over again in a new town or neighborhood. We would be delighted to become a part of that opportunity. Learn more great facts about moving and how we can help you enjoy a stress-free move by contacting us today. We offer designer services in Los Angeles and have the best moving and storage in Los Angeles.