5 Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

Moving is an incredibly taxing event in and of itself. For the disabled however, the challenges of moving can be especially difficult. The disabled often have to adopt a deeper, broader perspective of how the move will be accomplished. They often need to be more resourceful than people who are not physically challenged in order to make the move as easy as possible. Here are 5 moving tips for people with disabilities to make the moving process smoother and less stressful.

Hire a moving company: Whether you are disabled or not, hiring the right moving company can make all the difference in the world. Research companies carefully before narrowing down your list of candidates. When you have chosen a company, contact them to get an estimate, and to ask how they can help make your move easier as someone who is physically challenged.

Take care of the paperwork and logistics: If you are receiving any kind of governmental assistance as a result of your disability you will want to make sure that your move does not cause a disruption. To this end, you will want to notify the post office, Social Security and other agencies that you are involved with long before your move out date. Notify them of where and when you will be moving to make sure your relocation is seamless. 

Check out the accessibility of your new home: If you haven’t done so already, map out the accessibility of your new home. Make note of the width and length of each corridor and hallway, see if ramps are already built into your new home and take note of any changes that may need to be made to make you safer and more comfortable in your new dwelling.

Locate the healthcare services in the area: It is vitally important that you know where the nearest healthcare services are to your new home in the event of an emergency. Therefore, take special note of these locations and plan for how you will reach them if and when needed. 

Pack an overnight bag/emergency kit: Put together a bag of essentials such as medications, wheelchair equipment, clothing, etc so that you can make it in case unpacking takes longer than expected.

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