6 Home Maintenance Tips for First-Time Homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner chances are you are looking for ways to save money as you settle into your new place. After all, more than a small amount of expense is involved in the moving process. As it turns out, you can save money on home repair costs as a first-time homeowner by attending to several maintenance issues. Here are 6 such ways you can save as a new homeowner.

Check your furnace and HVAC filters: Very few buyers check the heating and cooling systems of the new home they are considering moving into. However, clogged filters make heating and cooling systems run less efficiently, which can waste energy and cost you money. Therefore, we recommend that you turn off your HVAC system when you have had a chance and to check the filter and its other components.

Reseal the deck: If you are buying a home with a deck then it may be vulnerable to damage from insects and weather. Resealing the deck in your new home could save you the expense of having to have it replaced. 

Use weather stripping: According to some studies, damaged or missing weather stripping can account to anywhere from a 30% to 40% energy loss for homeowners. Additionally, even if you are in a warm climate weather stripping is useful in that it helps keep cool air in during the hotter months.

Clean your gutters and roof valleys: Mucked-up gutters and roof valleys can cause water to back up and potentially enter your home via the foundation, roof or crawl space. Not only that, but a clogged gutter can end up damaging the fascia boards of your home letting in pests such as possums and raccoons.

Clean your dryer vent: Your dryer can cause a huge amount of energy to be drained from your home. In fact, according to the site Igsenergy.com, a clogged vent can cost homeowners up to $140 a year. 

Seal your driveway: Cracks in your driveway can give rise to weeds which can destroy your pavement and make your home look rather shabby. Sealing your new driveway will stop weeds before they start and doing so will protect your new investment.

The above tips will help keep your new home in excellent condition. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company can help you with your move so that one less burden is relieved as you settle into your new home. Our relocation company in Los Angeles can also store those belongings you will not be taking to your new home immediately.