Tips for Moving a Desktop Computer – Without Fear

The last thing you want to do when you’re settling into a new home is to spend time futzing around with your computer. After all, you will have other things to do that day. Moreover, many of us rely heavily on our computers and cannot afford to spend too much time off of them. Follow these tips to move a computer without the stress and risk.


  • Turn off the computer: Turn off and unplug everything before moving your computer in order to prevent damage to it.
    • Take a photo of how the cables are connected: Unless you feel 100% confident about how things are hooked up to your computer, you may wish to take this step to make setting up a little easier. After all, there’s nothing worse than unpacking in your new home and forgetting which cables went where
  • Remove all CDs, DVD, USBs etc: By doing this you will lower the chances that you will damage your software.
  • Unplug and pack cables: Now comes one of the trickier parts. Unplug and pack your cables before packing your computer. You may even wish to group together and color code certain cables using twist ties.
  • Wrap the computer in bubble wrap: Give your computer all the cushioning you think it will need and then add some more for good measure. This will help prevent any damage while it is in transit and offer a layer of protection against dust and water. 
  • Use the right box: Use a good, strong box to store your computer in while it is in transit. Avoid using a fragile, dented box. After all, your computer will only be as safe as the package that surrounds it. 
  • Take special care of the monitor: Wrap your computer’s monitor in a protective covering (foam, a moving blanket or packing paper). This will prevent it from being scratched or damaged in some other way. Warning: Do not pack it with your computer. Pack it in a flat box that is specially designed to hold TVs, computer monitors and similar objects. 

Necessary Supplies for Packing and Moving a Desktop Computer

Here are several materials you may want to have on-hand come moving day if you plan on using the DIY method of packing and transporting your desktop.

  • Product manual
  • Packing tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Foam sheets, packing paper or some other type of protective covering
  • Plastic baggies for parts and cords
  • Twist-ties for cords
  • Flat panel TV box for monitor
  • Cardboard moving box

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