5 Tips to Help Choose the Right Neighborhood

There is a reason that the word “location” is thrice repeated when people speak about the factors that should go into choosing a home. The neighborhood you live in is equally important to the home in which you and your family will dwell. In other words, when you move you are investing in a neighborhood as well as a home. Here are some tips for you to help you choose the right neighborhood so that you and your family can live happily ever after in your new home.

  • Check local crime rates: This information can be found by simply using a search engine and typing in city and “crime statistics by neighborhood.” This should immediately give you an accurate picture of the crime rate in any given area as well as the types of offenses that are most often committed in certain locations. 
  • Drive around the neighborhood: Here you will be looking for graffiti or other kinds of vandalism such as broken windows. Additionally, you may want to do this late in the evening or at night when loud neighborhoods are usually loudest.
  • Note how long your commute will take: Today, many of us are working from home. However, some of us still work away from home. For those of you who are working away from home you may wish to note how long it will take to get back and forward to your job from home, if the route is easy and what rush hour will be like.
  • Check your access to lifestyle amenities: Hospitals, grocery stores, ball fields, parks are amenities that we all are used to and need. When selecting a neighborhood that you wish to move into, make sure that you have easy access to such amenities. You do not want to have a difficult time reaching these kinds of places. 
  • Schools: Whether you are a parent or not, the quality of local schools is an important factor to consider when moving into a new neighborhood. The school district often impacts the ease and timeliness of a future sale. Your real estate agent may have this information or you can usually go to a site like Zillow for this data. 

In the end, choosing a neighborhood when buying a home is very important and there are many things to consider. Every buyer will have their own opinion and thoughts on a neighborhood and the factors we list here are just a few of many. Another important choice you must face when relocating is which moving company to hire. Our relocation company in Los Angeles is ready to help you with the big move hopefully into your ideal neighborhood and home. Our movers in Burbank are professional, courteous and prompt.