3 tips for Packing your Clothes and Closet

One of the most daunting packing spaces is almost also one of the smallest; the closet. For most people, the closet becomes the catch all space, not only holding clothes and shoes but also spare essentials like toilet paper, a random dog bed, and maybe even the vacuum cleaner. We have compiled a few tips that will help you break down your closet making it easier to pack and move. 

This first tip goes beyond just the closet but is particularly applicable here: don’t pack what you don’t need. Now is the perfect time to go through each item of clothing. If it doesn’t fit, has holes, or you just don’t wear it, this is the time to get rid of it. If they are in good condition, donate them to a local thrift store or community center, a great way to give back to your community. If you are hosting a garage sale, put them aside to sell but make the promise that if they don’t sell to donate them. Any clothes with holes or rips can either be thrown away, or save several to wrap delicate items in at other points during your move. When you unpack, throw them away. Pro tip- put aside 1 or 2 sets of clothes to change into the first day or two of moving just in case you don’t make it to your clothes during the unpacking. 

When you work with your local full service moving company, see if it is possible to move the dresser as is. Your movers will be able to give you the best advice. If you can, not only will this prevent you from having to unpack all the drawers, but it means less work in the long run. Any drawers that are empty can be filled with lightweight items like sheets and towels, providing you with easy access once you are in your new space. 

Shoes should always be packed separately and packed in their appropriate pairs. This will help you from losing a shoe in the scuffle. If they have laces, tie the pair together. Wrapping shoes in ripped clothes or in old newspapers or magazines will help prevent any dirt from going from one shoe to the next. For heels or special occasion shoes, make sure to pad them well and if you have shoe specific boxes, prioritize these shoes first. 

We hope that this will give you a start when it comes to packing your closet. If you are looking for a moving company in Thousand Oaks our team would be more than happy to help you out.