Items you should leave to be packed by your movers

Moving is a big job that requires planning and lots of hands to get the job done. While family and friends may be able to help with some of the smaller tasks, hiring a professional moving company is a great way to take care of some of the bigger items that otherwise might cause problems. Here is a short list of items that you should leave to be packed by the professionals. 

Glass- Incredibly beautiful and delicate, it would be hard to find a home that does not have some items that are made out of glass. These items are not only prone to breakage but can be chipped and weakened with ease. Some pieces of furniture may have glass covers or you maybe even have a light future that you want to bring with you to your next home. Leave this to the professionals who can come up with a plan to safely store and move your glass to your new home. 

Piano- Whether it has been in your family for generations or was a purchase you made to fill the space, your piano has likely become one of the most beloved pieces of furniture you own. A piano’s heavy weight makes up only one part of the puzzle here. The inner workings of the piano like the strings and hammers all need to be protected during your move. Don’t forget to have your piano tuned after your move! 

Artwork- Large heavy pieces of artwork that have graced your walls are likely to want to join you in your new home. Prior to moving, make sure to get your art appraised by a professional and put those recordings away in safe storage. Using the right packing materials will prevent the delicate canvas from being tampered with during the move. Not only does the picture itself have to be protected but also the frame. This process is one that can be handled by your reputable moving company. 

When you speak with your moving company, be sure to mention the items that you know you will need their help packing. It will ensure that your timeline is met and that all your items can be carefully packed without rush. If you are looking for storage in Agoura Hills, we have got you covered. Our Los Angeles moving and storage company has the experience you need to handle all your moving needs.