Moving with Young Children

No matter your age, moving takes a toll on the mind and body, and for children it often has a bigger impact than expected. One of the best things you can do to prepare your child for moving is to tell them that you are moving and then give them age appropriate details about your move. This is just a starting point to opening up the conversation. Here are a few more tips on moving with children. 

We already touched on the most important point which is to tell your children you are moving as soon as possible. It not only gives them time to process exactly what moving is, but opens the door to further conversation. Tell your children where you will be moving and show them pictures of their new house if you aren’t able to go visit it in person. This helps them to start developing a mental picture of their new home. 

Take advantage of the time that your child is at school to do packing while also clearing out all the junk that may have accumulated under their beds. Recycle the water bottles and throw away the old papers to clear space. If your child is not old enough to go to school, hiring a babysitter to watch them while you pack is worth every penny. As you come down to the last of it, remember to pack a bag for each family member for the first few days in your new home with the essentials inside. 

Once you do make the move, let your child take in the space. It’s a lot harder to play hide and seek in an empty house but kids will be up for the challenge. It also gives them a chance to explore and maybe even pick out which room they want. As you are unpacking, start with items like the duvet cover for their bed which will brighten their rooms and make them feel more comfortable. Start associating positive feelings with your new neighborhood by letting them pick out a new poster for their wall from the store. 

Above all, stick to a routine, although it may be difficult, your and your child will be able to rest and transition easier. If you are looking for movers in Burbank we are here to provide you with the support and assistance you need. Have precious items? Our designer services in Los Angeles may be what you are looking for.