Tips on Packing your Kitchen

Whether you cook every night or use food delivery more than you want to admit, the kitchen still is a space that accrues a lot of items. All the space just begs to be filled and we fall into that trap. Now that you are moving, we have compiled a few tips to make packing your kitchen easier. 

  • Put aside the essentials- A plate, utensils, and a cup or two for each person should be put to the side. It will force you to wash dishes every night but it means that all the other items can get packed away. Make sure you are using the right packing materials to avoid broken plates and cups. 
  • Knives- Always pack your knives in their own box to avoid accidental cuts. Wrap knives in a tea towel(s) with the blade point and edge facing the same way. When it comes to labeling the box, make sure to make it very clear not only what is inside, but what direction the blades are facing. This will make unpacking easier and hopefully accident free! 
  • Disassemble multi-part items- If you have an item that has multiple pieces, make sure to pack them separately and label them so you know what they belong to. For example, if you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer, wrap the bowl and attachments separate from the stand itself. This will help keep everything safe while moving. 
  • Donate- This is a constant no matter which room you are in but since we have already established that the kitchen collects a lot of clutter, pay special attention to what you have collected. If you used that waffle iron twice during your time in that house, it should not go with you to the new house. Really think about the gadgets you use on the regular. Anything that still works but could use an update can be donated and then you can get a new one once you are in your new house. 

Take your time when packing the kitchen. If you are only moving across a short distance consider our Los Angeles relocation company. We are one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles and look forward to helping you get into your new home.