4 Ways to have a Greener Move

We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Moving does not have a reputation for being eco friendly but with these tips we hope that you will see how easy it is to have a greener move. 


Donate and Recycle- Try this handy little tip, mark off 3 squares of decreasing size on your floor. The largest one will be your donation square, the next your recycle and the smallest square is your trash. As you go through items, try to put as many in their correct square as possible. Once the square is full, you know you can take those items to the appropriate location. This is a great way to encourage kids to also participate in the packing process. 


Pack in bins you already have- After going through your items, you are likely to have different storage containers that are empty or filled with little items that can all be put together. Fill any available space with items that are moving on with you to your new home. This decreases the number of boxes you will need to get and since those storage containers were going to come with you anyway, now you are giving them a purpose other than taking up valuable space. 


Eco-friendly packing materials-. Traditional methods of bubble wrap and plastic peanuts have a high environmental impact. Instead, opt for using items you already have on hand. This includes sheets, towels, and kitchen towels. They can all be put into boxes to fill any available space or be used to wrap delicate items. 


Boxes- When you run out of bins, don’t go buy more plastic. Any of the boxes you have gotten from your online shopping purchases can also be repurposed. Start saving them in advance to have a neat pile for when you start packing. Another route is to ask around to see if anyone has any boxes left from their move that they can give you. Make sure these boxes are in good condition because you want them to hold up. The larger the box, the lighter the item should be that goes in it. 


We hope that you take into action some of these options for a greener move. As you begin to think about moving consider using a storage and delivery service in Los Angeles to help with the larger ticket items. We are also a Pasadena moving and storage company and look forward to helping you in the future.