3 Tips for Moving Musical Instruments

There are lots of items in your house that you may end up replacing when you move but musical instruments are certainly not one of them. Whether it was the piano you got when you turned 21 or the violin you have been playing since the 8th grade, music plays a large part in many of our lives. Moving, no matter the size of the instrument, can cause worry. To help ease this, we have compiled 3 excellent tips for when you are moving your instruments. 

Bubble Wrap- This is absolutely not time to skimp on the bubble wrap. This essential layer of protection could be the difference between a dent or a smooth surface. Moving companies should have trained and continue to train employees on moving large instruments like pianos, organs, and drum sets. These pieces all need to be padded a specific way to reduce the likelihood of damage during transport. For example, for a piano, the keyboard lid should be locked if possible, any removable parts should be packed separately and the legs and pedals should receive extra attention. 

Hard case- Woodwinds, brass, and stringed instruments should all be packed in hard cases. Instruments should be broken down into their individual parts, reeds should be taken out, and for string instruments, it is a good idea to loosen the strings before packing. Tuning keys should be turned parallel to the headstock. You may even want to wrap the exterior of the case in bubble wrap to protect it even further, especially if you have a long distance to travel. 

Labeling- For hard cases, securely tape a piece of paper on the outside of the bubble wrap and label what is inside, making sure to add the world fragile. Since items can look distorted with the bubble rap, this is a great way to label each item. If your movers remove the legs of your piano, make sure to label each legs package in the same manner that we did before and label the bottom of the piano as well with the coordinating number. This way, assembly is easy when you reach your new home. 

Your instruments are a part of your daily life and they should not be moved carelessly. Make sure to schedule tunings for your instruments once you arrive at your new home and let them adjust to the new climate for a few days. Our Calabasas moving and storage company has the experience you need for a successful move. Whether you find yourself going across the country or are looking for storage in Agoura Hills our team is ready to assist you.