Conquering the Last Minute Move

There are a million reasons why you could be moving last minute but the simple truth is, we don’t need to talk about why you’re moving, just how you are going to move. Packing is usually done over the course of a few weeks but in this situation you just don’t have that time. Here are a few tips to help you take on a last minute move. 


Essentials Bag- Before packing by room, make sure to have your essentials bag packed and ready. It should contain the items that you will need your first few nights like toiletries, medication and important documents. Doing this first means that you can have whomever is helping you start packing without asking you if you need that item in your essentials bag.  


Pack by Room, not by Item type- One way to quickly pack is to go through each room in your house and just pack up the items in each room together. Label it in bold lettering and make sure to keep track of how many boxes you have for each room. Try to donate or dump whatever you possibly can since a last minute move means you want to likely have as little as possible. For cushioning, use linens, towels, and even T-Shirts to wrap delicate items. Padding + Packing = a job well done. 


Don’t unpack the dresser- If you are moving with this item of furniture or any item that has drawers, don’t unwrap the drawers, just wrap them in movers’ wrap. The drawers won’t move and you will not have to worry about unpacking each drawer individually. 


Hire Professionals- More hands means that your packing gets done faster. Having a professional step in means that your items will be treated with the utmost care and be able to be packed onto your moving truck directly. 


When it comes to moving quickly, make sure you call the right team.  At Russell’s Moving & Storage, we are among the best moving companies in Los Angeles. Our Beverly Hills moving and storage team would be happy to help you with your next move.