5 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Moving into a smaller space does not mean that the move becomes any easier. Regardless of the size of your space, moving is still a task that needs to be handled carefully and correctly. When it comes to downsizing, here are some tips to help you get ready to pack and move into your new home. 

Measurements: Prior to moving into your new space, make sure to take detailed measurements of each room, closet, and even the inside of your cabinets. This will set a realistic expectation of what of your old items will actually fit in your new space. If the dresser is too large to fit then you may want to see about selling it instead of paying to have it moved to your new home. 

Space Saving Pieces: Being aware of how you furnish your space will make a large difference in how it will feel. With more items, your space will appear to be smaller than it actually is. Embrace the idea of minimalism and of multiple use or easily stored items that ‘nest’ into each other. Instead of covering the ground, look at the walls and see how you can utilize them for decoration and storage.

Storage Solutions: Maximizing your home storage space is important but if you can’t fit it all, don’t shove it in. As a Westlake Village storage company, we know the benefits of renting a storage unit for the pieces that you just aren’t sure what to do with yet. In the home, remember that you don’t need to fill in every space with stuff, there is beauty in an empty shelf. 

Declutter- Any move you do will require decluttering and a downsize is no exception. Some key tips for downsizing are to get rid of any duplicates; you simply may not have the space. Also think carefully about what items you may or may not use. Staying organized in a smaller space will be one of the keys to your success. 

Stay Positive- Many people see a smaller space as a downgrade which simply isn’t true. A smaller space can mean less rent, more vacation money, or even growing your savings account. Using a budgeting tool can keep you on track to reach new goals. 

However much stuff you are moving, make sure to have a team that you can rely on. We are among the best moving companies Los Angeles and can help with your move of any size. For decades we have been helping people all around the USA move to their new homes. Call us for a quote, today!