Tips for Moving your Houseplants

Especially among millennials and Gen Z, houseplants are a beloved part of their spaces. Whether they are moving into their first apartment or into a home, bringing their houseplants is one of the first things they may think of. Here are some tips on successfully moving your houseplants to your new home. 


Short distance move- If you are only moving a short distance, you can easily bring your plants with you in the car. For shorter plants pack them in an open box and put paper on the bottom to keep any dirt from falling through to your seat. For larger plants, pack sphagnum moss on the exposed dirt to keep it trapped and then plastic wrap it all so it stays together. Especially if you are going to be putting the plant at an angle, this is a way to move the plant without it getting messy.


Long Distance- you can pack your plants in the same way as the short distance move if you are going by car. If you are making multiple stops at hotels, you may want to bring your plants inside the room to avoid the harsh temperature changes that can occur at night. 


Winter Move- Even the most mild plants can still be sensitive to the cold. Wrap them in newspaper to keep them warm and avoid exposing them to cold air as much as possible. Load and unload them in a closed garage and promptly bring them into the house. 


Cross State or Country- There are laws that talk about what species of plants can cross each border. Washington, Florida, and California are three states that are known to have strict laws regarding houseplants. If you can bring it, great! If not, consider giving it to a friend as a parting gift or donating the healthy plant to a local retirement home. 


Mail- Yes, you can ship live plants. This may not be the most cost effective choice, but if it is your mother’s rosemary plant you’ve had for a decade, you will find a way to make it work. Speak to your local post office about the rules and regulations and ask for advice on how to pack it. Be sure to clearly label the outside with ‘Live Plant’ to avoid confusion. 


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