5 Tips for Packing your Child’s Room

Your child’s room plays a huge role in their life and packing it up to move to your new home can be an emotional and difficult experience. For parents who will be doing this task, we have assembled a few tips for packing your child’s room. 


Appreciate the Space- Particularly if the room has changed over the years from being the nursery to the child’s own room, there is no problem in taking a second to appreciate the space. It is likely that during the packing process you will come across sentimental items that will bring back emotional memories. Pack the items that you can’t imagine having but consider donating the rest to another family who will be able to appreciate them like you have. 


Pack Last- To make the move as easy as possible for your child, make the effort to pack their room last, allowing them to keep the same routine prior to moving day. Make sure to pack an essentials bag that not only includes clothes, linens, and a towel, but also a few of their favorite toys to have ready for their new space. Label the boxes that belong to your child’s room in bold lettering to make it easy to find when you are moving in. 


Declutter- This is something you will want to do without your child in the house. Maybe they are at school or with grandparents, but the last thing you need is your child wandering in and starting to pull out items from the bag you have set to donate. Children grow out of clothes and toys quickly so keep that in mind when moving. The less you bring with you, the better so donate gently used items to donation centers or to families in need. 


Wipe down the Furniture- Sticky little hands can leave all kinds of marks on furniture. Prior to moving the large items, wipe them down with a wet rag to clean them before having them loaded into the moving truck. 


Moving In- Once you have everything unloaded, one of the best ways to help your child transition is to make their space a priority. If you can, arrange the bedroom as similarly as possible to their previous room and make their bed and put up a decoration or two. Now is when you can take out the toys from their essentials bag to make it a welcoming space. 

Packing your child’s room is just one part of a move, make sure that you have the right movers to help you along the way. Our Calabasas moving and storage company can assist you with packing, storage, and unloading to your new home. We are one of the best full service moving companies in Los Angeles.