Packing Small Kitchen Appliances

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you saved all the boxes from your kitchen appliances over the years.  However, that truly is not a problem because we have some great tips on packing your small appliances for your next move. 


Assemble- The first step is to assemble exactly what you will need to move your appliances. Determine what out of your current set you will want to take with you and then take into consideration the size of each item. To make it easier and not heavy weight, pack each item in a box that is similar to the size of the item itself. Grab your permanent marker, packing tape, packing paper or peanuts, and get ready to go to town. 


The Wipe Down- Prior to packing each item, you will want to clean each one and make sure that it has enough time to really dry out. Any water could result in mold or mildew, creating a bacteria festival that you won’t know about until you open the box. 


The Machine- Take a good look at the machine and identify any parts that can be safely taken off during the move. Make sure to wrap those items separately and carefully, labeling the box to make it easy to find. For items like your food processor, store the blade inside and tape the lid down so that it will not move in transit. Any electrical cords can be secured with a twist tie or wrapped and then taped to the side of the machine. 


Wrap and Store- After the parts and cords are secure, the item itself can be put in the box. Wrap it in paper to prevent any scratches and be sure to fill in any space so it does not get jostled around. You can fill in the extra space with your (clean) kitchen towels allowing you to pack even more in the same box. 


Label and Done- Clearly mark what is inside the box and also use arrows to show which way is up. This will make it much easier on your movers. Consider also labeling them fragile to make sure that they are handled with extra care during the move. 


As a Beverly Hills moving and storage company, our team has handled a range of moves both locally in Los Angeles and around Southern California. Our movers are not only careful with your small items, but can also help you expertly pack your larger kitchen appliances as well. Our designers’ delivery services in Los Angeles are also a great solution for larger items.