Tips for Packing Heavy Items


Outside of what we might traditionally think of as heavy items during our moves, there are several items that can certainly weigh heavy on the scale. It is incredibly important to be mindful of the weight since by doing so you are not only protecting yourself, but also your movers. Here are a few common items and some tips on how to pack them. 


Books- This is not one that people think of very often, but anyone with a large book collection really needs to be prepared. Prior to loading a box with books, reinforce the bottom of the box and with packing tape. Then start with your heaviest books on the bottom and pack them flat. If you must pack them another way, pack with the spines down so as to not damage them. Do not overfill the box, and fill in the naps with unprinted newsprint to keep them secure before taping it shut and labeling.


Winter Clothing- Those puffy jackets, winter boots, and other thick items weigh a lot when they are on, so imagine them in a box. Using a wardrobe specific box will allow you to alleviate some of the pain of packing them up. Alternatively, you can use vacuum bags to suck out all the air and store them without the puff. Both of these methods keep out the dust that can collect on clothing that is just sitting waiting to be unboxed. 


Kitchen Stuff- Yes, we said stuff. Heavy items in the kitchen are all too common meaning that this can help with a variety of items. Glass items should be both filled and wrapped in paper to avoid scratches or hairline fractures. Make sure to check with local regulations if you’re going to be attempting to move cans of food since it may not be allowed. Spice containers should all be taped shut and then the glass ones especially should be wrapped in paper. Now is also a good time to go through and toss anything that is expired. 

Moving large and heavy items can be difficult, but with the right team it can be done quickly and efficiently. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage team has experience packing and moving large items like stoves, washers, and dryers. In addition to moving, our Beverly Hills storage facility is climate controlled and highly organized, keeping your items safe until you need them.