Packing Your Shoes

As your premiere moving company Agoura Hills we understand that shoes
can be an awkward size to pack and difficult to stack as you do not want them to get
crushed. It can be difficult to get your shoes back to their original shape if they are
flattened in transport. You also want to avoid packing your shoes with clothing,
particularly delicate clothing as it can soil the clothes and even damage them
sometimes. For this reason there are a few precautions you should take when
packing up all of your shoes, especially those of great importance to you.
1. Organize and Donate: When going through all of your shoes you will want
to organize them into piles of dress shoes, casual shoes, and seasonal shoes.
From there you can decide which ones you are able to donate and which are
worth keeping.
2. Sort: You will want to get special storage containers that will be used
exclusively for shoes. It is also helpful if you purchase storage containers for
each member of the family. It will be easy to sort and easier to unpack if each
family member has their own container.
3. Clean and Repair: Take this opportunity to clean all of your older shoes and
repair any that need repairs. If you are unable to clean or repair them it
might be time to toss.
4. Original Boxes: If you have kept your original shoeboxes that your shoes
came in that will be the best way to transport them. However, many times we
toss these boxes as soon as we open them. If you have been fortunate enough
to keep these boxes utilize them and just tape them shut.
If you need assistance from an excellent moving company Agoura Hills our
team is here to help you every step of the way. From packing shoes to storage and
unpacking needs we hope to make your move as stress-free as possible!moving