Modern Kitchen Remodel

Whether your new home needs a facelift or you are finally taking on a much
needed home renovation, a kitchen remodel is a wonderful way to make your entire
home feel brand new! As one of the best moving companies Los Angeles has to
offer we have seen every type of kitchen remodel possible! We are here to support
all of your needs whether it involves moving you into your new dream home or
supporting your storage needs during the renovation of a lifetime we have
everything you need. Below are some of the most common things to considerkitchen when
planning a modern day kitchen remodel.
 Backsplash: When it comes to your backsplash there are many different
directions to go. For some families it is the perfect place to add a splash of
color as it is not an overwhelming amount of space. For other families they
add a counter slab all the way up as the backsplash for a cleaner look.
 Hardware: Hardware is an excellent way to modernize any kitchen. Consider
mixing and matching knobs with pulls as well as various sizes. Adding large
pulls to larger drawers is a great modern look.
 Two-Tone: Two-tone cabinets are a great way to draw color into the kitchen.
You can do different uppers and lowers or a different color island as well for
an added pop of color.
 Little Details: Don’t forget all the little details that make the way your life
functions that much easier. Consider adding outlets on your kitchen island, a
charging station when you come in the garage door, multiple dishwashers, or
under cabinet lighting.
If we can help support you during your kitchen remodel we would be happy
to do so! As one of the best moving companies Los Angeles we understand how
stressful the process can be and we are here to support you every step of the way.