Gifts For Family or Friends That Are Moving

If any of your close friends or family members are moving in the near future
you may be wondering the perfect gift to get them. As local movers in Burbank, we
recommend giving the gift once the person has arrived in their new home, if
possible. This will avoid them having to pack one more item and having it get lost in
the transition. If the gift cannot wait until the move is complete it is best to give
something non-tangible or keep it in its original packaging so that it can stay as safe
as possible. Below is a short list of ideal gifts for those who may be moving.
 Gift of Professional Movers: As local movers in Burbank we have seen
several times where family members have given the gift of professional
movers. This is a very generous gift and will make your loved ones lives so
much easier. Moving can be extremely stressful but the gift of professional
movers will make their move seamless and stress-free.
 Gift of Storage: During a move the need for storage is likely to arise. This can
be an unexpected expense. Giving the gift of storage is extremely practical
and well appreciated.
 Gift Cards for Their New Location: If your friends or family are moving out
of the immediate area it might be nice to research new stores or restaurants
and purchase a gift card for them. This will allow them to explore their new
town without spending a ton of money.
 No Seasonal Gifts: If they are moving around a holiday we recommend not
purchasing a seasonal gift. They won’t get to actually use the gift until the
following year and it will be underappreciated.
If you are looking to give the gift of professional movers we would be happy
to help accommodate any part of the move you feel is most helpful. We look forward
to making your loved ones lives as easy as possible!