Bubble Wrap

As your local, full service moving Los Angeles company, we have seen people pack their
fragile items all sorts of ways. Bubble wrap is by far the most highly sought-after item when it
comes to packaging fragile items. There are also a variety of alternatibubble wrapve methods that you may
be unaware of. Luckily if you use our full-service moving Los Angeles company we handle all of
these details for you. If you decide to package your fragile items yourself there are a few things
you will want to consider.
One of the pros of using bubble wrap is that it provides an unsurpassed level of
protection. It is also weightless which is extremely helpful when arranging your boxes. Adding
extra weight can be problematic for some box sizes. Bubble wrap is also extremely versatile.
You can wrap any shape or size with bubble wrap making it very useful for unique pieces. You
also can’t forget just how fun it is to pop as well! While there are so many pros to using bubble
wrap for your fragile items there are also several cons. Bubble wrap is extremely unfriendly to
the environment and comes with a hefty price tag. If you are lucky you may be able to get some
second hand bubble wrap to use.
There are many alternatives to using bubble wrap as well if you don’t want to pay the
price tag or are just environmentally conscious. You can try using blankets or packing paper.
These should give your fragile items the extra cushion that they need. If you need something a
bit softer or to fill gaps in your box you can also try towels or socks as well.