Storing Your Items

Many times, during the moving process it becomes necessary to store a certain amount
of items. Our storage and delivery service Los Angeles is here to support all of your moving
needs. If you find that you are in need of storage during your moving process, please do not
hesitate to let us know. It is also important that you keep in mind restrictions that are necessary
when it comes to all storage facilities in order to keep everyone’s belongings safe and secure.
For example, you may not store explosives or fireworks inside storage containers. It is also
prohibited that you store strong chemicals or paint, narcotics, anything flammable, as well as
perishables. Outside of these items you are free to storage anything that is convenient for you.
See below for the best way to prepare your items for storage.
1. Make an inventory list: Making an inventory list is the best way to help you keep track
of any and all items you have in storage. Moving is a hectic process and you may forget
all the items you placed in storage. It is helpful to have a master list to refer back to.
2. Clean your items: Clean all of your items prior to entering storage. This will help
preserve them as best as possible.
3. Label everything: Make sure that you label everything just in case things get shuffled
around. It is best that the items are named so that when they are retrieved, they can be
easily referenced.
4. Disassemble large items: By disassembling large items you allow larger pieces to fit
inside storage containers easier.
5. Prepare your breakables: Breakables should be prepared prior to storage in bubble
wrap. Make sure that if you are in need of storage and delivery service Los Angeles that
all of your breakables are properly sealed tight so that nothing will happen to them
during the storage process.