Commonly Stored Items

Our Beverly Hills storage facility is fully equipped to handle all of your specific ongoing
storage needs. We have the ability and capacity to take on just about any special item that you
may have. Some clients do have unique needs and Russell’s ability to accommodate them is
unmatched. However, there are many items that are more commonly seen when it comes to
Beverly Hills storage. See below for the list of most commonly stored items.
 Furniture: There are many reasons why someone may need to store their furniture.
Perhaps an individual has moved into temporary housing while they are having work
completed. A family may have relocated to a smaller home and are unsure how long
they will be there and do not wish to dispose of their precious furniture.
 Electronics: Electronics are commonly stored as well. Many people do not know what to
do with older electronics and feel unready to get rid of them. We’re happy to store
these items until you are ready to decide how to use them.
 Appliances: Appliances are commonly stored during a transitional move. If someone has
entered temporary housing or renovating their home, appliances need to be relocated.
Our storage facility is able to accommodate these larger items.
 Files, documents, archives: Older documents are commonly stored. Until we are
completely settled in a move and can decide what items are necessary to keep and
where we plan to keep them, storing these paper items can be easier.
 Seasonal items: Seasonal items are commonly kept in storage because they take up
significant space in your home and are not needed year-round. It is easy to go to your
storage container, locate the pieces that you need for each holiday and then bring them
to your home. You will then simply return them to your storage container after the
holiday has ended taking up no additional space in your