Moving a Piano

As your local movers in Burbank, we have helped countless clients relocate their pianos.
If possible, we always recommend hiring professional help to relocate items such as a piano as
it can be easily damaged. However, if you are considering taking on this task yourself you will
want to make sure that you prepare in advance for such a complex item. As pianos can weigh
hundreds or even thousands of pounds you can’t plan for relocating this item at the last
Prior to relocating the piano, make sure that you purchase the proper equipment that
you will need. For instance, you will need an abundance of packing material such as bubble
wrap and moving blankets. You will also need a dolly that can support the weight of your piano.
If you happen to be moving a grand piano, you will need a piano skid and expect to pay top
dollar for it. Make sure that you enlist the help of at least 4-able bodied individuals so that all
ends of the piano are covered. Last, make sure that you plan your route from the piano’s
current location to the moving truck. You want to measure every doorway, hallway, etc. that
you will potentially encounter to make sure that you do not hit any roadblocks while the piano
is in motion. It is best to prepare for these in advance.
Once you have your plan established it is time to execute. Make sure that you wrap all
of your piano keys, pedals, lid, and body appropriately so that nothing gets damaged. Once the
piano is thoroughly packaged you want to have everyone list in unison so that the piano is off
the ground evenly. At that moment you will need another person to slide the dolly underneath
the piano. Once it is off the ground you simply need to guide the dolly along the path that you
previously decided on. As your local movers in Burbank, we are here to support all of your
moving needs including relocating a piano.