Moving Your Home Office

As the pandemic progresses more and more employees and business owners continue
to work from home indefinitely. The ability to have a home office has saved large corporations
hundreds of thousands of dollars as they reduce their overhead of large office buildings and all
of the associated fees that come with having a large physical office location. While this is not an
option for every business, for the ones that it is, it has been an excellent option for many
employees. As your local Calabasas moving and storage, we have helped moved countless
home offices from one location to another. Below are some of our greatest tips when it comes
to relocating your home office.
1. Have a master plan: In order to relocate your home office there will be some downtime
in productivity. In order to minimize this downtime, make sure that you have a master
plan. Decide which items can be left out until the last minute, your ability to work from
a laptop temporarily, and how quickly you can get your new space up and running. If
possible have your new space and internet connection set-up before the final tear down
of your existing space.
2. Organize: Organization is key when it comes to any part of your move. Make sure that
you organize all your necessary documents and purge those you don’t need. There is no
need to relocate unnecessary items that just create clutter.
3. Take care of important documents, files, etc.: Having a travel case to place important
documents that you wish to keep close or need on hand is an excellent idea.
4. Take backups: You never know what can happen with technology and having an extra
backup of your files is always a safe idea. As your local Calabasas moving and storage
provider, we are happy to help assist in every part of your move.

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