Moving with Young Children

Moving with children of any age can be a difficult transition. However, moving with
young children can make for a logistical nightmare for mom and dad. It is also difficult for young
children to process big changes as they may never fully understand why they are moving and
what is happening to all of their belongings. As your local moving company Agoura Hills, we
understand how difficult it can be to move with young children. Below are a few times our
moving company Agoura Hills has put together to help make moving with young children as
easy as possible on your family. Remember, Russell’s is here to support you every step of the
 Share age-appropriate information: As the moving process becomes official and
progresses it is helpful to include children in age-appropriate information as the move
directly affects them. Try and update children as to why the moving is happening, when
it will happen, and what things will and will not be coming with them to the new house
and why. The more children know ahead of time the better chances they will have of
comprehending and processing the information by the time the move occurs.
 Involve them in the process: As much as possible try to allow children to make decisions
about what is happening. Give them a choice as to what toys they want to come with
and what toys they prefer to donate. Sometimes something as simple as “what snack do
you want to bring in the car on the way to the new house?” can help give them a sense
of autonomy in a situation that is largely out of their control.
 Give yourself time and patience: Moving with young children means that there will be
more things and more delays than a typical move. Give yourself plenty of time to plan
for these delays and make sure you have extra patience when unexpected things occur
as they are bound to happen.