7 Tips for Moving with Small Children

Ranked as among one of the most stress-inducing life events a person can face, moving can be doubly so for small children. After all, children garner a greater sense of security from things that they perceive as stable and constant than do adults. Moving to a strange new location can cause small children, in particular, to behave in ways that can only complicate your move. For that reason, our Los Angeles moving and storage company would like to offer you some tips for moving with small children.

  • Conduct a family meeting: Gather the entire family together, kids included, and explain why you are moving, what impact it will have on the family, where they will be living, etc. Also, give them a chance to express their concerns and fears. Let them know that you believe the move will be good for the family and that you expect their help in making the transition to your new home.
  • Get their feedback on the new home: If possible show them photos, etc. of the new home. Most real estate sites allow buyers to take virtual tours of homes.
  • Give your kids jobs they can do to help: Assign your children age-appropriate tasks to help with the move. Even very small children can help keep the move orderly and less chaotic by remaining well-behaved.
  • De-clutter when your kids are asleep: Make sure that if you have to get rid of some of your child’s old toys that you do not do so during daytime hours. Quietly take old, discarded toys to the Goodwill, etc., otherwise, your child may decide they actually “want” the toys again.
  • Host a Party: On the night before you move, consider inviting your children’s friend to a party. Have the children exchange contact information so that they will know that they will still be able to stay in touch with their friends.
  • Unpack your children’s rooms first: When you arrive at your new destination, make sure that you set up your child’s room first. This will give him/her more time to adjust to his/her new surroundings.
  • Give your kids time to adjust: Most importantly of all, understand that your child will adjust to his/her surroundings on his/her time frame, not yours. As difficult as it may be for you to adjust, it will take even more time for your child to feel comfortable in his/her new environment.

Finally, our designer delivery service in Los Angeles has helped many families and designers move. We know that it is never easy but if you plan carefully and rely on experts who have experience in the field, it can be a lot less stressful for adults and children alike.