Tips for Preparing your Furniture for Storage

At Russell’s Moving and Storage, your belongings are just as precious to us as they are to you. We know that your furnishings may hold a lifetime of memories for you and that they speak to who you are as a person. This is why we take great pains to ensure that your furniture remains well protected while in our care. We also know that whether it is because you need more space in your home or because you have items that no longer fit your home’s décor, preparing items for storage can be a cumbersome chore. So that you can properly protect and preserve your property while it is in Storage in Agoura Hills, here are some tips Russell’s takes into consideration when storing your belongings.

  • Clean and Prep: Before storing your furniture with Russell’s, be sure to clean and thoroughly dry each piece. Use cleaners that are appropriate for each kind of furnishing/possession, such as glass cleaner for glass, etc.
  • Disassemble for Easy Transport: Larger pieces that can be taken apart should be. This makes for easier transport and storage. Russell’s makes sure that related pieces stay together when we are packing and carefully binding them together.
  • Take into account the fragility of certain items: Of course, some items – such as glass, crystal, and antiques – are more fragile than others. We are always careful when packing and are sure to mark boxes containing such items.
  • Cover and Protect: We invest in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc in order to protect easily breakable items. We avoid packing wood and fabrics in plastic as this can lead to condensation, etc. Instead, we use drop clothes, covers, etc. to protect these kinds of items.
  • Strategically Store: Russell’s is always sure to leave some space between items as this accomplishes two things: It allows your furnishings to breathe and it helps protect them from damage. We also use the space you have wisely to avoid accidents.
  • Label everything: Your knowledge of where everything is in your unit may change the longer those items are stored. We take the time to label all items that cannot be easily identified and give you complete access to view this checklist during the duration of your storage with us.

Yes, Russell’s is sure to take the time to carefully prepare your items for storage and will protect your possessions and give you piece of mind for however long you intend to store those belongings. As movers in Burbank, we are in the business of making moving and storage a less onerous task and we give you piece of mind as we handle your precious items.