Reasons Your Home May Not Be Selling

Has the “For Sale” sign in front of your house been there for what seems like an eternity? Are you scratching your head and wondering why potential buyers are failing to see in your home what you saw in it when you first purchased it? Well, if the “For Sale” in front of your house seems like it is on its way to becoming a permanent neighborhood fixture we may have some solutions for you. Here are some of the top reasons houses don’t sell, and how to go about addressing these particular predicaments.

  • Your price is too high: This is the number one reason owners have difficulty selling their home. The problem is that sellers let their emotional attachment to their property rule what should be a cold, dispassionate judgment. To solve this problem, consider hiring a home appraiser. He/she will likely be objective and help you to understand the true value of your home. Additionally, a professional appraiser will more than likely be able to know whether or not there has been a rise in property values in your neighborhood.
  • Advertising photos are of poor quality: Having poor quality photos of your home may be impeding your ability to sell in a very competitive; market. Consider having your home professionally photographed and staged. It may be more expensive than doing it yourself but it could increase online views of your home immeasurably.
  • You have the wrong agent: Some agents are more motivated than others to sell properties. This is why the search for the right agent must be done in earnest. Before hiring an agent, try talking to his/her recent clients and checking his/her license. If he or she/has disciplinary issues you may wish to move on.
  • Your house is run-down: It’s all about first impressions. If your home is in serious need of a makeover it will definitely turn off many potential buyers. Sure some people will be willing to buy a fixer-upper to save money but most will not. Take a good, hard look at your home before you sell and spend some time making the long needed repairs it may require.
  • Your house is poorly located: Is your neighborhood considered a “bad” one? When people buy a home they are also buying into a neighborhood. The simple fact of the matter is that many people will skip over a home that they perceive is in an undesirable neighborhood even if the house is well-kept.selling a house

In short, every little bit helps when you are selling a home. You must be honest and critical in your analysis of why yours may not be selling. This is the only way to arrive at solutions. Our Calabasas moving and storage can also be a solution for those wishing to relieve themselves from the stress of moving. A Pasadena moving and storage company with many satisfied customers, Russell’s Moving and Storage is ready to make your move seamless and efficient.