Tips for Choosing the Right Boxes for Moving or Storage

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that when you are about to move your whole life becomes about finding boxes – anywhere. Well, that is true in a sense but it isn’t just about finding any box. It is about finding boxes that are sturdy enough to protect your possessions. So, whether you are looking for boxes in which to place your belongings prior to moving or you are looking for boxes to hold the possessions you will keep in storage, we would like to offer you some advice on the eternal hunt for the right containers.

  • Inspect each box thoroughly: Used boxes in particular can come with all kinds of flaws such as odor, food residue, mold etc. For that reason, remember to carefully inspect any and every box you intend to use for moving or for storage.

·         Consider buying new boxes: New boxes are less likely to contain the above defects. Therefore, consider forgoing the used boxes you find in grocery stores, liquor stores and in similar places.

·         Consider buy a moving kit: Some businesses sell a package of boxes that range in size and shape. The types usually include economy, basic, enhanced and wardrobe.

  • Make sure you choose the right sizes: Obviously your possessions aren’t all going to be the same size. Be careful that the boxes you choose are large enough to hold the contents you will be placing in them with some extra room for padding.
  • Use plastic bins for long term storage items: Although cardboard is the material most of us think about using when moving or storing items, plastic has its advantages too. Over time, cardboard is more susceptible to aging and deterioration for items that will be stored indefinitely.
  • Consider the fragility of certain items: Match the sturdiness of the box with the strength of the item it will hold. In other words, use sturdier boxes for fragile items and normal boxes for items not likely to be damaged in a move such as clothing.moving boxes

Finally, preparing to move does involve a lot of preparation and a massive search for the right boxes. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles does everything it can to efficiently move your possessions but strong, sturdy containing are a very important part of any move. They are an even more important part when items are being placed in storage. Beverly Hills storage is much easier when you use Russell’s Moving and Storage.