Tips for Overcoming the Post-Moving Blues

“I’ve got the lonesome homesick blues.

I’ve got them bad babe down in my shoes” ~ Traditional Bluegrass song
Homesickness – we all feel it from time to time and the longer we are away from home the deeper the feelings go. You up-end your family entirely and decide to move when suddenly you become overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia for your former abode. This is only natural. So, how do you overcome these feelings so that you can begin your new life in your new home? Here are some tips from the experts for overcoming the post-moving blues.

  • Make some road trips back home: Even after a lengthy move most people are bound to still have connections to their old neighborhood via friends, places, etc. Take a trip every now and then to visit and reconnect with old friends.
  • Don’t go home too soon: As an addendum to the above tip, don’t go back home too quickly. Doing so could increase your feelings of longing for the old neighborhood.
  • Stay connected to social networking: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent, and as it so happens convenient, ways to keep in contact with friends. Skype is also a great way to connect with friends over great distances.
  • Make new friends: Some of these channels for keeping in contact with old friends can also – with a bit of caution – be used to forge new friendships. Or, you can make new friends the low-tech way by going out and meeting your new neighbors. You’ll find it much more difficult to sulk while you are enjoying times with new friends.
  • Join groups: A great way to make new friends is to join groups whose members share your interests. Again, you can utilize many online sources to help you reach out to others.
  • Get out and get active: Focus on staying active when those homesick blues arise. Jog, cycle, hike…just get out and keep yourself busy.
  • Explore your new neighborhood: Find new restaurants, cafes, book stores, etc., in your new neighborhood. Some of them may have the potential of becoming your new favorites. By broadening your horizons and opening up your mind to new experiences and places, you may find a remedy to the post-moving doldrums.moving

Eventually, your new residence will begin to feel more like home than the old one. We move people every day and know that when people view their new home with a sense of excitement, the sadness they feel at leaving their old home can quickly dissipate. We help by providing the best moving and storage in Los Angeles. Our storage in Agoura Hills, secures your belongings too.