Tips for Unpacking After a Move

You’ve finally arrived at your new home with your life’s possessions safely in tow. There is nothing more to do than just to relax, thank the movers at our storage and delivery services in Los Angeles and congratulate yourself on a move well done. Wrong! Now the challenging part begins. Now it is time to unpack your belongings and start making your new house or apartment a home. But where do you begin? What is the most efficient way to make this job easier? Here are some tips our Pasadena moving and storage company would like to offer you for completing this transition to your new digs.


  • Clean before you move in: It will be much easier to clean up before you start unpacking than afterwards. Moreover, you can make better use of the available space by making sure that all clutter has been removed.
  • Create an unpacking schedule: Set the maximum amount of days you want to spend unpacking and stick to it. This way you will not have boxes lying around for weeks, months, etc.
  • Organize your boxes: Hopefully, you will have properly labeled and classified your boxes by content, room, etc., before moving. (If not, yikes!) Place related items together in their appropriate rooms for unpacking.
  • Open all boxes at once: Once you move all boxes that belong in a particular room into your new home, open all boxes at once. This will help you to better organize where things will go. You may even discover that there are some items that you wish to place in storage.
  • Set up your bedroom first: You will probably not finish unpacking and setting up everything on your first day so having a bed to sleep in will be an absolute necessity.
  • Unpack items for the kitchen and bathroom: Not only are these rooms necessities, you will feel more at home after setting these areas up.
  • Unpack the necessities: This should include items such as toilet paper, hand and body soap, shower curtains, bath towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, paper towels, trash bags, scissors, a change of clothes, vacuum, broom, dustpan, pillows, bed sheets, pet food, etc.


In short, packing is just one step in the daunting task that will lie ahead of you. However, by using these tips to organize the unpacking process, you will make the transition to your new home easier on you and your family. And at Russell’s Moving and Storage we will do everything on our end to make the process painless and simple.