Items that are Challenging to Move

At Russells Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on making what is normally a difficult task easier on you. We have been in the business for years and are accustomed to moves of all sizes. But when it gets right down to it the task of moving can be challenging because certain items are more difficult to move than others either because they are fragile or because they are large or oddly shaped etc. Our Westlake Village Storage Company is up to the challenge that these items present but we thought you would like to know some of these items so that you can prepare them for transport by packing them carefully and letting our movers know what to expect.


  • Plants: Plants are, as everyone knows, relatively fragile compared to other items on your moving list. They can do best when they are packed carefully in cardboard boxes. Be sure that when you do pack your plants to prune and care for them properly before transporting them and to unpack them right away once you reach your new destination. Finally, you may wish to transport your plants in your own private vehicle.
  • Delicate works of art: The trick to packing artwork of high monetary value is to use sturdy boxes that are profusely packed with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, paper etc.
  • Pianos: There is a very funny Laurel and Hardy short that centers on the pair moving a piano up a steep flight of stairs. The pair does so completely incompetently of course but it shows what everyone knows – pianos do not move easily. They are large, expensive and oddly shaped. For this reason, you should never take this task on yourself. For this task, rely on the best moving and storage in Los AngelesRussells Moving and Storage.
  • Fish and fish tanks: Fish can be more challenging to move than most other kinds of pets. When moving them and their tanks, place the fish in a bag rather than leaving them in the tank. Finally, empty the tank mostly and do not try to transport it while it is full and the fish are present.
  • Workout equipment: Most workout equipment weighs a lot and will naturally add heft to your move. Pack small weights in boxes and dissemble whatever you can before attempting to move these items and remember most of all to be careful.

The most important thing to remember is that all of this can be made easier by engaging the right movers who are experienced and who have insurance for when things don’t always go as planned.