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As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we know how overwhelming the moving process can be. Some people thrive on making an abundance of lists in advance and being able to check things off as they go. For most people having these advanced planning steps are truly helpful. For others, the thought of …

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6 Ways to Secure Your New Home

Purchasing and moving into a new home is not only a great life experience but also an investment opportunity. Since you will naturally wish to protect that investment, as well as your family, you should do all you can to improve the security of your new investment.

6 Home Maintenance Tips for First-Time Homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner chances are you are looking for ways to save money as you settle into your new place. After all, more than a small amount of expense is involved in the moving process. As it turns out, you can save money on home repair costs as a first-time homeowner by attending to several maintenance issues.

5 Things Movers will Not Move

There’s no denying the fact that hiring professionals movers eases the burden of moving considerably. Sure there is still packing and many other chores to perform but overall the convenience of using professionals to help with one of life’s more stressful activities is a good thing. However, there are some accommodations that professional movers cannot …

5 Things Movers will Not Move

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